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Just a Notch in Your Bedpost..

Molly. 21. Colorado Native. Florida Bound. Gryffindor. Sister of the Moon. 90's Pop Connoisseur. CU Buff. CSU Ram. UNC Tarheel. Former Custodial Revolutionary. Future Housewife of America. Wannabe Art Historian. Soviet Aficionado. Amateur Confectioner. Netflix Addict. Orateur de la Française. Hopless Romantic. Royally Fucked. Just Mollicles.

"I could be at Disneyland right now"

So, not even back for two full weeks and my job is ALREADY pissing me off.
Tempted to just walk out on the whole thing.

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I just want to be Taylor Swift’s best friend….

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And the saddest fear comes creeping in: that she never loved me, or her, or anyone, or anything. taylorswift

"It is so hard to leave—until you leave. And then it is the easiest goddamned thing in the world."

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tbh the american horror story opening credits scare me more than the actual show.

Aladdin + scenery 

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Japan’s Nabana no Sato Botanical Garden used over 7,000,000 LED lights to create this amazing tribute to nature featuring displays of rainbows, auroras, and Mt. Fuji.

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everything personal


everything personal


okay i don’t care what anybody says this is what love looks like and he just takes such good care of her and she just looks so happy and this makes me so happy.

12 Links to Help You Create and Complete Your Bucket List


1. The Billionaire Shop — Your life is not complete until you buy your own island.

2. 52 Tourist Attractions That Live Up to the Hype — Must see sites around the world.

3. 51 Places to Visit Before Dying — Unique cemeteries, colorful mountains, and ancient tombs.

4. 100 Things…

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Everyone please continue to keep your fingers crossed for me as I await a response on my DCP application…